We live in a complex world, and the law reflects this complexity. Problems and needs are never identical. And each client has its specificities. we aim to develop specific and customized strategies and solutions, combining experience and knowledge. WE have solutions specifically designed for our clients. The best one.

The Law Firm Piraccini follows matters in the following subjects:
labor law
Family Law
Debt Collection in or out of court
computer law / informatics law
contract services

The Law Firm Piraccini uses the following tools: better law-date, more recent legal texts, e-mail (PEC), Skype, video-conference, whatsapp, certified electronic signature kit, software (telematic process), mylivechat (for contact me directly by this site), TextSecure (system of confidential communication via smartphone for maximum confidentiality), email, pos (payment by credit card / ATM in the studio) and a lot of passion and commitment in the cases handled.

The firm provides advice and assistance to private foreign companies.
Thestudy is characterized by a constant presence on the network, which allows a more rapid use of information and services. The best way to assist customers and to be present when a specific need arises and urgent.

The study carries out its activities mainly in North East Italy.

For a preliminary free evaluation of your case, please contact me with MyLiveChat now or fill out the form. You will be contacted as soon as possible.